Wow, the only thing you left out was the Golden State Killer prowling the neighborhoods looking for victims. Similar history (Kingswood, Skycrest, Will Rogers Junior High), we diverge in that I went to Jesuit High School and Sacramento State (Philosophy major). I went to graduate school but that was out of CA. I am a year ahead of you (52 years old). By the way, I saw Cornell West sometime in the early 1990's give a lecture at Sac State. He mentioned that his mom graduated from Sac State, and that he was grateful for that. Also, he played the Michael Jackson video, "Man in the Mirror" and spoke how it deeply affected him. I am a Harper's subscriber so looking forward to the Generation X article.

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Your own use of the brilliant "Desultorily, my mother protested..." among several quotes suggests JD is far from (recently) dead, but likely eternal, I'd say.

Echoes between The Dunnes of the '80s and The Baumbachs of this decade are certainly TBD, though there's hardly a worthy comparison to be found when putting the likes of Julia Phillips against any Scott Rudin clone-of-the-moment.

Was Navin's actually worth the trip?


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May I offer, as another Sacramentan of note, the late (and by many lamented) Scott Miller of the bands Game Theory and Loud Family? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Miller_(pop_musician)

I've Tried Subtlety (from the album "The Big Shot Chronicles")

All the kids from 916 came down

And were misdirected trying to find the grounds

The Regency Hotel

Prom royals eyeing adult-life means to excel

Down into the city-planning flats

Near Victoria Park a block they gathered at

Old masters on the door

Re-styled to stand for some political reform

Under-civilized time, older-sibling-ized crime

And my car got stripped to the frame

And well it feels about the same

Lots of distance gone in vain

And darlings this one is for you

I've tried subtlety before but I will not anymore

For some looking down surveillance vans

M.I.T. grad alley cats with time on their hands

Oh sergeant, I'm sorry

In my line of work they don't teach no courtesy

Gifted children link your arms in rhyme

Better make this world while still it gives you time

Oh will you look so vain

Left to the purging jets like garbage in the rain

Wish I could with someone what I do alone

Should I just stay at home?

Should I just make the whole thing up as I go?

But what do I really know?

Lots of quickness now turned slow

And darlings this one is for you

I've tried subtlety before but I will not anymore

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