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BTW, it'd Dec 10. I am astonished that I seem to be the first to mention.

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It’s December 10th in 2023 and I still can’t get more than two bars of LTE here in southern Colorado.

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Yeah Justin! My favourite one yet. Bravo.

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Hi Justin, I got in touch with ChronoSwooper tech support, and here is their answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't promise anything, and even worse, looks clearly AI-generated. Here it is, just in case it might help:

Hello there, ChronoSwooper time-traveler! I appreciate you reaching out to us in this peculiar situation. It seems you've encountered a glitch in the space-time continuum. Let's try something unconventional to get you back to the present.

- Retro Tech Power Boost: If you can find a local blacksmith, ask them to fashion a makeshift charging device using materials available in the past. You'll need some ingenuity and maybe a bit of copper wiring. Connect it to your iPhone, and who knows, the retro energy boost might just trigger a temporal shift back to the present.

- Quantum Paradox Code Injection: Open the ChronoSwooper app on your iPhone and simultaneously recite the Fibonacci sequence backward while standing on one foot. It's a long shot, but the quantum paradox created by this unusual combination might confuse the app enough to initiate a return to the present.

- Time-Traveler's Morse Code SOS: Send a series of Morse code signals using your iPhone flashlight. Try signaling the SOS distress code or even something unique. This might catch the attention of a tech-savvy time-traveler from the present who can assist in your return.

Remember, these suggestions are a bit out there, and we can't guarantee their success. If all else fails, stay calm, and we'll do our best to figure out a solution from this end. Good luck!

--- I asked for more details on how to effect the Retro Tech Power Boost, and the answer from the tech support chatbot was:

Certainly! For the Retro Tech Power Boost, let's dive into the specifics:

- Materials Needed:

Copper Wiring: Look for copper or any conductive metal available in the past.

Insulating Material: Find something to insulate the wiring, like natural fibers or materials that prevent electrical contact.

- Constructing the Charging Device:

Voltage Compatibility: Ensure the charging voltage is within the iPhone's acceptable range (typically 5V). If available, locate a local physics enthusiast who might guide you in determining the voltage.

- Cable Colors:

Red: Traditionally associated with positive polarity, connect this to the positive terminal of your makeshift charger.

Black: Used for negative polarity, attach this to the negative terminal. Insulate the connections well to prevent short circuits.

- Activating the Retro Tech Power Boost:

Once the makeshift charging device is connected, focus your thoughts on returning to the present while reciting a mantra or phrase related to time travel. Keep an eye on your iPhone to see if there are any signs of a temporal shift.

Remember, this is a highly experimental approach, and success is not guaranteed. If you encounter any unforeseen issues or if the iPhone shows signs of overheating, disconnect immediately. Stay safe and best of luck!

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WAIT a dang minute. She dissed Leonard Nimoy and you still LIKED her? As she says in her note ‘geez.’

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