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Welcome to Earth!

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This is kind of like Wim Wenders film “Wings of Desire,” only wackier. Personally I feel this guy could have given you a bit more credit as a storyteller; he’s setting the bar pretty high for himself!

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Wings of Desire was somewhere in the back of my mind, yes! And thanks, as always!

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And they hinted that Borges was dead... I never bought it.

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“But his many failures read/ Less as mischance than as apprenticeship.” (“For Magistrates,” p. 251 – from Josephine Miles, Collected Poems 1930-83)


As I look back

I was born in Niagara Falls, and some family, the Taylors, came from Eire. We moved when I was eleven for mom's health to Dallas where dad a brakelinings and clutchfacings salesman traveled 5 states, and we kids sometimes went on his weekly trips through Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico.

I Sense My Boatman Waiting.

River of life life river the river life life a river bed all pass through Our earth is a riverbed our river of life River Styx forms a boundary between life, death Charon, the ferryman, carries souls across

Dante says there are five rivers and that Styx is for the greatest damned living their wrath cursing war with each other for all eternity

The Farthest Shore

My mischances shaped my apprenticeship-muscles

When you are young you don’t know what’s coming

Life is not the same poetry now, just verse

My inner sanctum let joy become lost in Cairo

I grasped failures through a lengthy history

Wanting to learn dying before severing life’s link

Welcome the far shore before you miss it

Notice the far shore before you reach it.

©Copyright Edward Mycue

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